Wednesday, February 15, 2012

New creation!

Everyone knows the creations of the big designer Tom Bins! He creats his fashion with his jewelery. Silver chains with neon colors whicη express the tendency of season..Simple? chic? or excessive...? i think all those things together makes Tom Bins creations unique!

 Maybe you'll wοnder why i wrote this tittle! Well the next picture is my design neclace inspired from Tom Bins!

 i hope you like my new creation!And don't forget to stay tuned to see the whole outfit of this foto the next days!


  1. esu to eftiakses to teleutaio????? an nai einai teleio!!!

  2. love the third photo! nice blog,following you! :)

  3. Simply gorgeous piece! You are so very talented my dear! Bravo!


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