Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Inspiration of the moment!

Yes it is! I wanted so much to wear this bery lace shirt today and immediately my new H&M pants with this vest came to my mind ! The necklace helped me a little bit to this inspiration! I made it the day before yesterday. When i make something so unique i love to pair it with a unique outfit too! I believe it is! what about you?? I hope you like my post!

i am wearing:
1.lace shirt: vintage
2.vest: zara(old)
3.ankle boots: asos
4.belt: benetton
5.necklace: my design

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Valentino before

I just found those amazing pictures from Valentino's fan page o facebook (here) and the first thing i thought was that every fashoinable girl in the world would like to know how those gorgeous bags, belts, shoes made!As you see are all handmade! you must see every detail! On the link above you could see more pictures even though the colors they paint the leathers! Interesting ha?

Friday, March 23, 2012

Two days on Athens Xclusive Designers Week

first day outfits
Me and my friend Chrysoula spent our weekend at Athens! I loved the whole atmosphere! It was fantastic!
(I am sorry about the quality of photos)

 first day we watched MILTOS fashion show with pale colors and aristocratic touch! One of my favourite shows!

 here is the designer!

stelios koudounaris

Thes Tzeveli with Strepkos

Second day outfits!

E.L.R by Irene Lytra

Maria Tagalou
She is new designer and she is so talented!!!
Remember the name!

 Celebrity skin

 Me and Dimitris Strepkos 
(The one of two Designers of Celebrity Skin)

outside was a collection of brand vintage clothes!
 i loved them all!

and here are some gifts from the shows!

Friday, March 16, 2012

11th Athens Xclusive Designer Week

celebrity skin



Ratt by Rita Attala


Stephan Caras
Some pictures from the 10th axdw! those creations are from last year's shows!I have many expectations for this year!! I am packing  for Athens! I can't wait! I am so excited!!!!!!
  links: facebook
          official site of AXDW

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

vintage goth!

I think i am in love with this photos! This dress is my mom's and and she gave it to me a year a ago! she made it and she didn't wear it!( Isn't it gorgeous??) So while i was looking for something to wear i find it!(you understand whats going on my closet...) I combined it with my litas what else?I hope you like it! I really want to read your opinion!!!

i am wearing:
1.vintage dress litas
4.bag: zara

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Love is a war!

  This necklace i made by myself! It is 3 necklace in one which i add some pins to make it more fancy! I was in my workshop and i saw the black necklace with the pearls and the idea came to me to add some sparkle and pins! 
  What to say about the fur! i bought it accidently from a shop and i didn't like it so much but now i love it!!I hope you like my outfit and my necklace! I am waiting for your comments!!! 

P.S. my workshop is under construction now but soon i'll show you some pictures!!

I am wearing:
2.millitary pants: a friend give it to me!(thank you!!) design glitter ankle boots
5.purse: accesorize

Thursday, March 08, 2012

Tribal cape!

i love this cape so i pick a simple way to styled it because is super without  fancy pants or a sequined shirt!
well, you have already undrstand that i've glued with my litas!!!I hope you like it guys! thank you so much for your comments!!!

I am wearing:

4.bag : vintage campel

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