Friday, March 23, 2012

Two days on Athens Xclusive Designers Week

first day outfits
Me and my friend Chrysoula spent our weekend at Athens! I loved the whole atmosphere! It was fantastic!
(I am sorry about the quality of photos)

 first day we watched MILTOS fashion show with pale colors and aristocratic touch! One of my favourite shows!

 here is the designer!

stelios koudounaris

Thes Tzeveli with Strepkos

Second day outfits!

E.L.R by Irene Lytra

Maria Tagalou
She is new designer and she is so talented!!!
Remember the name!

 Celebrity skin

 Me and Dimitris Strepkos 
(The one of two Designers of Celebrity Skin)

outside was a collection of brand vintage clothes!
 i loved them all!

and here are some gifts from the shows!


  1. Bravo sweety!! So happy you got to experience and take in the fashion atmosphere of the event and have a fab time!! Looking gorgeous as always!

    Kiss kiss!!!

  2. OH! So fun! and I love the neck piece on Maria Tagalou's model! What is it made of? chiffon? Lovign the silver beading in it as well.

    Look forward to your visit?

    God bless

  3. we had such a nice time!
    love your post! :)

  4. poli orea ntithikate kai oi dio sas!!

  5. Your outfits are really gorgeous and you two are beautiful as well!


  6. loving your outfits!
    and how cool being able to attend those fashion shows.. thanks for sharing the photos.. awesome designs on the runway

  7. Λατρεύω τα outfit που επέλεξες και κυρίως το 2ο και το 4ο! Υπέροχη! :)

    Kisses xx

  8. I would love to see a fashion show some day. So lucky that you got to go!



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