Tuesday, August 13, 2013

summer game

play: Rena Kastrinaki+Stamatis Papaeconomou
edit: Rena Kastrinaki+Stamatis Papaeconomou

Wednesday, August 07, 2013

boy & girl

Well well..
Come out come out wherever you are..
The girl is waiting, the boy is playing with his skate board.
The girl is flirting, the boy's taking care of his skate board. The girl becomes angry.. 
Ooops, the boy is thinking: "Time to get her back".
 But it's too late. In a world where the fashion girls become powerful you have only one chance.
 When the fashion have killed the metrosexual man and give us back the machos, the dynamic girls
continued to evolve. 
The result of this development gives clothes to her and pictures to
us with a mighty girl made of steel.

The new woman project shaked down the taboos of
the strong women. Now we have women in heels who claim,conquer, attack,
 fight but they never forget their sensitive character. The completely female appearance
who keep walking steadily on strong steps.
I think a woman like this can not go unnoticed. Don't you think so?

photoshooting: Rena Kastrinaki
stylling: Rena Kastrinaki
models: Stamatis Papaeconomou(he), Voula Stavria(she)
article: Stamatis Papaeconomou
place: Rhodes (Palace grand master)

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