Thursday, June 05, 2014

|to the way for the top

One of my biggest dreams, just ckecked in my dream list. 
It is right here, right now. 
My first personal editorial with my own design dress just published in my blog!
I can't describe how grateful, how happy and how ready for the next level i am!
Everyone has a story. Mine starts from here, this post.
thank you all guys for hepling me make my dream come true!

photographer/edit- Manthos Tzorbatzakis
fashion designer- Rena Kastrinaki
model-Maria Kefalogianni
concept/idea-Manthos Tzorbatzakis , Rena Kastrinaki
assistance-Antonis Papadakis

BIG thanks to Stella Giagalaki, my teacher!


  1. i totally love the pictures, especially the ones in the old building and the very last one! and the dress is to die for, too! love that you styled them with these heavy boots!

    xx Ola

  2. Oh my, that girl is sooo pretty!

    I love the scene those pictures were taken in


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